Here are Some of Our Most Frequently Asked Questions About Applying to Work at ITcares

IT Cares Services

How can I apply?

The quickest way to join our team is via our online application tool: enter a few details, upload documents – and you’re done. Alternatively, you can send us an email with your résumé, your salary expectations and your earliest starting date to

What should my application look like?

To ensure that your documents are complete and that we can process your application as quickly as possible, you should send us a cover letter, a complete curriculum vitae and relevant school, university, training, or job references.
The total size of the application documents should not exceed 6 MB.

How long can I apply for advertised positions?

As long as an advertisement can be found on our homepage, the position is open. Once we have found the right candidate, the position will no longer be displayed.

How can I apply for multiple vacancies?

Of course, you can apply for several positions. Refer to several positions in your application and we will be happy to consider these as well.

How and when will I get feedback on my application?

You will usually receive the confirmation of receipt within a few hours of receiving your application. After two weeks at the latest, you will receive a response (invitation, rejection, or interim notification).

Can I send an unsolicited application?

We look forward to all applications – including speculative applications, of course.

What do I have to include when applying?

  • We need from you:
  • • Curriculum vitae
  • • In PDF or Docx format (Not larger than 6 MB)
  • • Your earliest starting date
  • • Your expected salary

Regarding data protection

Your details will be treated with 100% confidentiality in accordance with the applicable statutory provisions. The Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG) in particular. They will only be processed and used within the framework of the application process within ITcares. After the application process has been completed, the documents will be destroyed or deleted.