Unleash Your Business’s
Untapped Potential,
Stay Ahead of The Technology Curve, and Much More With Outsourced IT

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You want to spend as much time
working on your business as possible.

But unfortunately there are all sorts of things that you the owner
must deal with. Dealing with IT issues being one of them.

But with a virtual CIO, you can outsource your IT to a specialist. A specialist that can handle all your IT concerns so you can spend more time running your business.

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When you outsource your IT, we do what we do best
so you can do what you do best

With their IT taken care of, businesses typically report

More capacity

Now that the IT management weight has been lifted from your shoulders, you can put more energy into other areas of your business.

Optimised processes

We can make suggestions for making
your business more efficient and cost-effective.

More growth

You can think creatively and strategically
about how to meet your long-term goals.

Why You Need a Virtual CIO

Technology is at the core of everything your business does. From processing payments to managing projects. Plus, running a business and keeping IT in order is hard enough. Therefore, optimising every aspect of a business’s technology is a luxury few businesses can afford. Years of “just keeping the systems going” can lead to outdated technology hindering performance and ultimately revenue. Hence why a vCIO can be the ideal third party to bring a fresh perspective and optimise what’s been missed all these years.

A good vCIO will have seen hundreds of other companies making the same mistakes as you. Combining their technical expertise, industry knowledge, and business management understanding, a vCIO can help with the following.

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    Helping to set strategic priorities, key initiatives, and identify ROI

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    Provide methods and processes to drive change

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    Evaluate current team skills and alignment

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    Manage your day to day technology direction

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    Support strategic vendor relationships

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    Dramatically improve your cyber security

“We’re glad we chose ITcares and are very satisfied. We were growing and needed an IT service provider. One that could handle all our technical and organisational ITactivities. Essentially become our outsourced IT department. ITcares provided us with a professional and extensive service from the very beginning. Now, every single element of our IT is covered by a qualified specialist. It’s provided at a predictable “all-you-can-eat” fixed price with fast response times.”

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How a virtual CIO can help your growth

When you outsource your IT to a virtual CIO, your business can take the kind of steps forward that would be tricky to make otherwise. If you’re in the early stages of growth, a virtual CIO can offer top IT talent. Such talent can typically take months to recruit on your own.

A virtual CIO will be of the same standard as the talent that larger businesses work with. The difference being, it’ll be at a more affordable price. This again allows early-stage businesses to grow faster by accessing the best IT talent earlier.

Most importantly though, having a virtual CIO can free up your in-house IT team. This typically allows them to focus more on the bigger, more long term, growth focused IT strategy.


More benefits to outsourced IT

You’ll get access to the largest IT
talent pool possible

ITcares have already done the hard work of finding top IT talent.
Work with us and you’ll have a team at the ready, experienced in every IT problem your business might encounter.

You’ll get access to
specialised knowledge

ITcares has years of experience addressing specific issues.
No matter how niche the issue, we have the talent and the skills for it.

Your business will see a
decrease in downtime

With 24/7 support our technicians can typically fix issues
before neither your customers nor your business suffers.


You’ll stay ahead of the
technology curve

We research and test new technology for fun. 
If there’s a development that’ll benefit your business, we’ll be the first to know and the first to tell you.

We handle your IT, but you’re still in the driving seat

As mentioned, you can submit a support ticket 24/7 and we’re available through multiple communication channels.
Whatever is most convenient for you.

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Business can be full of ups, downs, lefts and rights.

That’s why we can be flexible to your business’s needs.
Use as much, or as little of our services as you like; pay month by month.
Whatever works.

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services can evolve my business